Tuesday, 3 June 2014


What I did.
Today we put the bacteria samples from the cutlery into agar plates. The Professor and Lab Assistants also gave us extra samples to play around with, and we were hence told to be "creative". We did have a lot of fun testing out the many different places in which we could swab the Q-Tip on.

What did I learn from today?
For the theory aspect of today, I learnt more about how bacteria is classified and how the different shapes are named.

As for the practical aspect, I learnt about the measures and safety precautions that are implemented in the lab. It was interesting knowing about the different precautions that needed to take place and it was an enjoyable experience playing around with the agar plates, Q-Tips and methylated spirit lamps.

How I feel about today's activities? 
I guess it was a new experience that involved a lot of learning. All in all, it was productive. This experience would help educate me on appropriate lab rules which I find would come in handy in the future, when I next enter a lab.

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