Wednesday, 4 June 2014


What I did.
On the second day, we were tasked to carry out more practical, hands on activities. We received our lab results and from there, tabulated and made data. Upon doing so, our Professor briefed us on some presentation criteria and we then made a presentation based on the data and the overview of the project. We were then given samples of bacteria smears to look through the microscope. 

What did I learn from today?
I learnt about the different types of bacteria and how dangerous some could be. We learnt how to cultivate and isolate bacteria by inoculating and we also got to find out which type of bacteria are present in canteen trays. Also, I learnt about presentation skills. Not only has it enhanced my awareness of bacteria, it has also made me more mindful of hygiene. Seeing the clumps of bacteria growing in the agar plates is disturbing and I vow to put into practice greater hygiene measures.

How I feel about today's activities?
Well, today had slightly more activities than Day 1 and we got to do more, so it was fun.  Being and working in the lab has truly been a memorable experience.

How may this discipline be applied else where?
This experience impacted me greatly. After realising how much bacteria can be found on any particular surface, I am convinced that I will never look at things the same way again. The positive outcome, is that I am now more cautious about hygiene and will think twice before touching or consuming any potentially unclean substances. 

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