Thursday, 5 June 2014


Plenary session?
The talk was on 3D printing by Professor Tan Ooi Kiang. During the talk, she shared with us the effects of how 3D printing has greatly impacted the world. We learnt that the term "3D printing" is just a layman term and this process also goes by many other different names. There are seven different types of 3D printers so far and they are usually classified into two groups. One group is for commercialisation purposes while the other is strictly for lab use. We found out that 3D printing has been around for some time and it is only recently that it has begun to be used on a more extensive scale. 3D printing can be used for almost anything, ranging from fashion, to cars, and to food! It was intriguing to see how 3D printing can be used even for the building of an entire car. Doctors, surgeons, to be more precise, use it to estimate how to go about the surgery. Other than for surgery, it is also widely involved in the making of hearing aids. It makes the process easier as it is not only time saving, but it also means human intervention, making it less prone to errors and measurements being more accurate.

How I feel about the NTU Flagship programme?
I think it was quite a unique experience for me. I got the opportunity to experience and learn new things and I believe whatever I have managed to learn would benefit me in time to come.

How the programme has affected my understanding of the discipline? Here are my insights.
 It certainly widened my outlook on life and has taught me more about technology and it's many uses. It is incredible what technology can do for us and it is going to be hard to imagine life without it. I understand that teaching fourteen year olds is a great contrast to the students that they normally teach. The Professors, lab assistants and teachers were all equally patient and understanding towards us, and I am extremely grateful. I am thankful that SST has given us a chance to be educated in this area.

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